What to Plant with Elephant Ears: All the Possible Companions


You are probably wondering what to plant with elephant ears, considering that the plant has quite big leaves. Sure, elephant ears can instantly create tropical and bold look in your landscape. Not to mention that it can add a sense of dramatic contrast, thanks to the form, color, and size. But because of the unique size and appearance, many people are often left confused of what to plant with it.

Many of them ask themselves, “What can I plant with elephant ears? Will the other plants still look catchy and not ‘drowned’ by the appearance of the huge leafy plant?” To your surprise, there are several plants that will go along well with this big leafy perennial type.

The Matching Companions

So, what to plant with elephant ears? Since elephant ear is basically a tropical type of plant, it would go pretty well with other tropical types. Many homeowners and gardeners match up this elephant ear plant with colorful caladiums, castor bean, and even bananas. Imagine having one in your garden where you can enjoy it all year round!

If you are wondering what flowers to plant with elephant ears, you can always try mandevillea or Chinese hibiscus. Not only they would go along well, but they can also deliver amazing textural contrast in visual effect. People have also tried combining the elephant ear with temperature bedding ferns, ornamental grasses, and plants. And the result is just amazing!

Just a word of advice, though: Elephant ear plants need space to reach the best growth level. You can’t put it in a cramped space where each of the plants would compete vigorously for food and nutrients. If you do want to grow elephant ears with others, make sure you provide ample space. As long as you do this, your elephant ear plants would grow healthily and well.

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It’s a good idea to pair dark leaves elephant ears with other flowering plants having orange, yellow, or white hues. It will create striking contrast without overdoing it. The clumping variants should deliver attractive (focal) point, especially when arranged in the midst of annuals, like begonias and petunias.

Can you plant elephant ears in a pot or in a container? Certainly! What to plant with elephant ears in containers? Well, some gardeners are creative enough to put their elephant ear plants in big aquatic containers, combining the plant with water lilies or papyrus. Another smart solution is to put each plant in individual container so you can mix and match them easily. This allows you to combine the plant with the other without having to worry about not getting enough nutrients, food, or space for proper growth.

Foliage Plants

In case you are wondering what to plant with elephant ears, you can always consider foliage plants. There are several reasons why foliage plants can be one of the best companions. First of all, foliage plants constantly produce new leaves. They are basically non-stop machines that don’t your garden look tidy and neat.

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