Knowing the Best Time of When to Plant Elephant Ears Plant


Elephant ear plants like humid surroundings. They will grow best in temperature between 65 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When to plant elephant ears outside? When the temperature (including the soil) is warm. Again, there shouldn’t be any frost risk anymore.

Tropical plants generally like night time temperatures at above 55 degres Fahrenheit. For the daytime temperatures, they should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit – a slight above it would be fine. If the temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, big chances that your elephant ear plants would die. That’s why elephant ear plants are best grown in areas that are generally warm and humid. But in the event that you live in colder areas, you can still grow the plants indoor. Use a container or a pot to contain the plant. But then again, think about the variant. Some variants can be quite huge and gigantic. Would you like a gigantic plant inside the house? Some variants are quite portable and somewhat adorably cute and compact.

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When to plant elephant ears bulbs? You can start in spring time, after the frost of winter has passed. Check the soil temperature as well as your outdoor condition. Once they are warm, you can start planting again. For some people, they may grow early by planting the bulbs within a pot and grow it indoor. You need to make sure that the indoor location is sunny and warm to ensure successful growth. When the outdoor situation is ideal and warm, feel free to move the pot outdoor. Some people may transfer the plants from the pots to the soil, but some still keep the pots outdoor. So, they would put the containers outdoor for landscaping purposes.

What if you live in the area where it gets hot during summers and it can be quite chilly during fall and winters? Some gardeners have found the solution for this. They would grow the plants outdoor in the soil. When it’s close to fall, they would dig up the tubers and save those tubers during winters. When it’s spring again, they would replant those tubers and the cycle begins again. This method is possible and highly doable, but you need to spend extra efforts and time for the management.

Final Words

Knowing the best time to plant this variant would ensure the success of your planting efforts. Not to mention that you can actually minize the errors and possible mistakes during the care and growth. Aside from learning about when to plant elephant ears, be sure that you know the exact species or type of the plant

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