Different Types and Elephant Ear Plant Varieties


Do you know that there are actually some interesting and breathtaking elephant ear plant varieties that will spark up your garden? Elephant ear plant doesn’t only come in one species or variants, but there are actually several types of them available out there. By knowing elephant ear plant different types, you can decide which one would be suitable for your garden, or even water garden.

The Different Types

Depending on elephant ear plant varieties, you can expect different size of the leaves or the beautiful (and sometimes colored) foliage. Be sure to understand (or at least know) some of the elephant ear plant types before you start planting them.


This is an evergreen type chosen mostly for its big foliage with various colors. The leaves are heart-shaped, which makes it unique and attractive. As if it weren’t enough, the leaves may come in various colors. They may have dark purple, bronze, and black streaks. This plant is pretty easy to grow, including for beginners. When the conditions are perfect or suitable, it can grow pretty fast. Plant it in moist soil with bright (but indirect) sunlight. Choose a spot with partial shade so it can grow well. You need to know, though, that the leaves are basically poisonous to animals and also humans.

This plant has around 70 different varieties. All of them like the environment with humid conditions, enough moisture, and bright but indirect sunlight. Some of the most popular types including:

  1. Alocasia Sanderiana (or Kris Plant). It has V-shaped leaves with radiant and dark green hue
  2. Alocasia Macrorrhizos Stingray. This is a big variant that is able to grow tall, reaching 4 feet to 5 feet in height with 2 feet (3 feet, max) of width.
  3. Alocasia Amazonica. Its another popular name is the African Mask plant. This is one of the most popular elephant ear plant varieties that can grow up to 2 feet of height and width. Most people grow it for the appealing and unique foliage.
  4. Alocasia Portora. The leaves aren’t only huge, but also ruffled. The green leaves grow on the purple stem, able to reach around 5 feet in height. 6 feet would be the maximum height. This plant is pretty tough. It can grow well in partial shade as well as full sun.
  5. Alocasia Odora. Also known as Night Scented Lily, this plant has unique leaves with shapes like paddle. It can grow up to 4 feet or 5 feet in height. The blossoms smell nice, and they look like Calla Lily flowers. Is it a beautiful plant? Definitely!


If you want to have big leaves, this type is the best pick. The peltate and big leaves can grow up to 2 feet in length (3 feet is max) and up to 2 feet of width. The growing time is also fast, with the plant able to reach 6 feet to 8 feet in height. This type of elephant ear needs indirect sunlight to grow well.

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