Knowing the Proper Time of When to Plant Elephant Ear Bulbs


For most people, fall and winters are the most difficult times of the year to maintain and care for the plants. This is when the knowledge about when to plant elephant ear bulbs can be super handy, especially if you know when to plant elephant ear bulbs indoor.

  • During fall, the temperatures would drop. You may want to reduce the watering. After the first light frost happens, you may want to trim the leaves back up to half inch (do it above the bulb). Then, gently dig the bulb up. At this point, the bulb may have generated a cluster of bulbs (over the summer). Don’t separate them. Try not to harm or nick them either because it can lead to disease.
  • Place those bulbs in a dry spot outdoors. Pick a shade spot too and leave it for a dry or two. Let those bulbs dry out thoroughly. Then, tuck them within a paper bag and then store them indoors. You want to keep them indoors during winter. Choose a dark and cool spot for the storage. When spring comes, you can replant those bulbs again, and the process would start again.

General Tips

Knowing when to plant elephant ear bulbs is helpful, but it’s not the only knowledge that you need to know. That’s why these tips may help:

  • You need to understand each and specific variety. Some plants may like rather soggy and wet condition, while others prefer a drier condition.
  • Some elephant ear plants can be cooked and eaten, but some are poisonous. Do your research to find out which one is toxic and which one is safe. In the event you choose the toxic one for home, do preventive measurement if you have pets and/or kids.

In the end, growing this plant isn’t that hard. It doesn’t require you to be a rocket science to figure things out. The knowledge about when to plant elephant ear bulbs can be quite helpful if you want to ensure successful outcome.

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